Rise of the Runelords

The Hills Have Ows

The Hook Mountain Massacre, Part 3

Moonday, 11 Kuthona, 4733

The Rune Wardens have regrouped after their first raid on the Graul farmhouse, where they freed three Black Arrow rangers from the ogrekin cannibals. Now the party prepares to launch a full scale assault on the main farmhouse, which they’ve been warned is likely to be trapped.

Amelia proposes attacking the Graul farmhouse from above. Her hippogriff carries her, Lea, and Zavian, while an enlarged Marcus flies over to the roof with Astrid and a small boulder.

The boulder smashes through the ragged shingles covering the upper floor of the farmhouse, but Zavian uses a silence spell to keep it from making any noise. Rain pours through the hole in the ceiling into what appears to be a group bedroom.

After descending into the room, Lea and Amelia invesitgate a big wooden chest. The latch isn’t trapped, but the bag of coins inside the chest sits upon a pressure plate.

While Zavian and Astrid investigate the workroom beyond, Marcus attempts to hook the trapped bag of coins with his giant ranseur. This causes Amelia and Lea to retreat away from it. Marcus’ attempts trigger a vicious razor blade that snaps out, cutting the bag in half as the eldritch knight lifts it.

After infiltrating the upper level, the Rune Wardens stealthily descend to the ground floor. They arrive in a hall with multiple doors. Astrid investigates the most foul smelling one and quietly slips inside

Inside, there are several open coffins leaning against the wall which contain dead ogrekin with lips sewn shut. Buckets of filth are lined against the wall. A grotesquely obese ogrekin woman who could be none other than Mammy Graul wheezes in a huge, ruined bed.

With Astrid clinging to the shadows, Mammy asks one of her “boys” to close the drafty door. One of the dead ogrekin lurches forward towards the door.

Quiet as a shadow, Astrid stalks up to the bloated ogrekin matriarch and tears into her with the double-bladed sword Echo. Mammy howls in pain and starts cussing out her incompetent “mother-fucking” boys for failing to protect her. Lea and Zavian charge in to the fray before Mammy or her zombies can react. Astrid finishes her off and the undead are swiftly dealt with.

With Mammy dispatched, Lea investigates the gruesome scene in the dining room. As the paladin reaches to open a door to an adjacent room, Amelia yanks her backwards at the last moment, sparing her from a vicious scythe trap.

Once the trap is spent, Lea bursts into what looks like a gross mockery of a “playroom” where two ogrekin are caught by surprise. The paladin strikes terror into them, causing them to race for the window. A grease spell from Amelia sends them both slipping to the ground. Lea and Amelia finish off the ogrekin, while Zavian falls prey to the grease.

Having totally massacred every incestuous ogrekin cannibal they’ve encountered thus far while dodging the Graul’s traps, the adventurers confidently plan their next move.


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