Rise of the Runelords

The Iron Cages of Lust

Sins of the Saviors, Part 6

Toilday, 24 Gozran, 4734

After Marcus gives a heads up to Shalelu and Seleval, the adventurers press into Rimeskull. Lea and Amelia avoid sliding over the side of the chute inside the gullet of the cave.

They plunder the white dragon’s hoard and then use their keys to activate the portal to Runeforge. They figure there is about an hour before the portal closes.

They arrive at the central hub of the Runeforge, where a shimmering pool of magic energy bubbles while passages split off in seven different directions. Zavian communes to help them navigate the complex. They learn that they need to go to the Lust and Pride wings to obtain what they need to use the pool to enchant their weapons. Zavian also learns that there may be something helpful to Nualia in the Greed wing. They also realize that the dragon knows they have come in here and it can follow them.

After some debate, they decide to head to the Lust wing of the complex first first. Marcus isn’t happy about it.

Inside the grand cathedral, they find an enormous pavilion, a series of strange cages, and some rude Alu-demons. Amelia tries to make one more friendly with charm monster, but the spell fails. Fighting breaks out and the creatures badly injure Zavian. He takes down one of them and Lea kills another. The survivors flee.

The party approaches the pavilion. Stone giants warn them away, and they are contacted by the Alu-demon alpha, who says their mistress will speak with one of them. Lea volunteers.

The paladin treats with the succubus Delvahine, who doesn’t care about the Runelords. She offers to help the party in their quest in exchange for spending a few minutes of “fun” with Delvahine in her boudoir. Lea wants to know if the information is genuine. The succubus offers a show of good faith, telling the paladin to visit her ally Vraxeris in the Shimmering Veils of Pride. He should have valuable information, and she wants to know what’s been going on with him as he hasn’t visited in some time. Lea accepts this offer.

Reuniting with the others outside, Lea tells them she is going to take one for Golarion if this pans out. They check on the lone shivering captive in the cage outside the pavilion, who the Alu-demons have been calling “Mr. Mutt.” He has been treated horribly and seems quite mad, but is not on the verge of death. They plan to come back for him.

Proceeding into the Shimmering Veils of Pride, they enter a splitting hall of mirrors and are confronted by two sets of mirror doubles, except for Amelia who hangs back in the entryway.

“There can only be one!” the doubles cry out.


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