Rise of the Runelords

The Road to Jorgenfist

Fortress of the Stone Giants, Part 10

Fireday, 2 Pharast, 4734

Setting out from the Storval Stair, it takes a day of travel before the party reaches the foothills of the Iron Peaks. They pass a recently-used stone giant camp along the path to the mountains.

Starday, 3 Pharast, 4734

The party ventures into the mountains, passing a mysterious abandoned cliff village as they climb higher. Amelia takes to the air, while Marcus’ levitating wagon manages the difficult terrain. Lea and Zavian have a somewhat harder time navigating their horses through the rough mountain trails.

Sunday, 4 Pharast, 4734

After the first day in the mountains, Zavian splits off from the rest of the Rune Wardens to seek out the site of his past life’s missing Book of Light and Truth.

Moonday, 5 Pharast, 4734

The tumbling of a few rocks sparks fear in the party, although Shalelu is dismissive. Astrid uses her slippers of spiderwalk to climb up the cliff face and investigate. She stumbles across two stone giants, nearly invisible against the rocky terrain of the Iron Peaks. Their positions revealed, one of the giants whistles to call forth three dire bears from a cave below.

Two dire bears claw at Lea and try to pull her from the saddle. A third dire bear tries to hug Marcus, but he slips through its grasp. One of the other dire bears swipes at Lea, but misses and strikes its companion. Lea manages to get free from her attacker.

Observing this resistance, the stone giants recognize the party as adventurers and attempt to disengage to warn Mokmurian. one of them kicks Astrid backwards, nearly knocking her off the cliff side. The giants then attempt to flee.

Lea and her steed Prince Shadowmist push past the dire bears. She wheels the horse around to attack. Meanwhile, Shalelu drives the magic cart up the side of the mountain to collect Astrid and give chase to the giants. Amelia blinds one of the stone giants with glitterdust.

Marcus casts fly on himself and rises above the reach of the dire bears.

Astrid takes off a stone giant’s head with a shot from her icy burst bow. They capture and question the blinded giant, gaining valuable insight about Jorgenfist. Having convinced the surviving giant that Mokmurian is bad news, the Rune Wardens allow him to go free with his pet bears.

Wealday, 6 Pharast, 4734

That night, the Astrid has a harrowing experience. The party has used stone shape to sculpt out a small cave and then used illusory wall to disguise it. A patrol of bickering and oblivious hill giants pass by, one of them pausing to urinate on the illusion. Thankfully, the ruse holds and the giants move on.

Oathday, 7 Pharast, 4734

The party finally reaches the fringes of the valley which contains Jorgenfist. A large watchtower overlooks the entrance to the valley, while seven giant camps surround the fortress below, which is perched on the edge of a great river canyon.

The party debates whether to attack the watchtower, which they know is guarded by two runeslave hill giants during the day and the taiga giant Cindermaw during the night. Ultimately, they decide to avoid the tower and instead investigate the cliff caves they were told about by their stone giant prisoner.

Skirting the edge of the Jorgenfist valley, the adventurers engage another stone giant patrol. Amelia blinds and greases on giant, while Lea chases down another. Both are swiftly dispatched. To prevent word of their sighting from reaching Mokmurian, Astrid takes out the stone giant’s messenger raven. The icy burst arrow shatters the bird into a thousand frozen shards.

After sculpting and disguising another campsite in the mountains, the party leaves Lea’s horse and Amelia’s hippogriff under the watchful eye of Ash.

In order to access the cliff caves below Jorgenfist, the Rune Wardens ride Marcus’ wagon out along the side of the cliff. They finally disembark at the nearer cave entrance. The interior is crawling with bugs, and the far end of the room is thick with old spider webs. Shalelu hangs back to guard the exit and watch over the wagon.

Lurking in the webs are giant undead spiders crawling with millions of little spiders. The Rune Wardens unleash everything they can on the monsters, including holy light and arcane lightning. It takes a little effort, but soon all three of the monster are destroyed.

After driving out the remaining insects, the Rune Wardens sneak the wagon inside before venturing deeper into a narrow tunnel hidden at the back of the cave.


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