Rise of the Runelords

We've Done Worse Things

Sins of the Saviors, Part 8

Wealday, 25 Gozran, 4734

Picking up from the previous cliffhanger, the Rune Wardens fight six furious simulacra of the succubus Delvahine, which the wizard Vraxeris had been keeping in his room within the Shimmering Veils of Pride. While the adventurers have the upper hand, Marcus is briefly dominated and attacks Astrid with a scorching ray. He also attacks Lea, who is warded by her resist energy spell. The paladin also slips up on an attack at one point and viciously cuts into the redhead. Astrid wonders what she did to make them attack her.

With the simulacra defeated, Marcus takes a while to send more than a dozen prying eyes floating through the Runeforge to scout the complex. The floating translucent eyes are stopped by doors outside the Vault of Greed and the Revenous Crypts of Gluttony. The eyes also run into trouble from tentacle monsters in the Festering Maze of Sloth, though one does manage to glimpse an obese wizard, tentacles bursting from his chest, floating over a churning pool of sewage. The wizard notices the eye but is too slothful to do anything about it.

In the Halls of Wrath, the eyes come across what seems like a functioning society of wizard-warriors and sinspawn, who dwell in a complex traversable only through teleportation circles. The humans are all about the same age, but don’t appear to be clones or copies. The eye briefly glimpses a scary-looking woman with scars on her bronzed skin and a flaming ranseur in her hands.

In the Iron Cages of Lust, the eyes peep on Delvahine entertaining herself with her two remaining Alu-Demons, while two strange extraplanar entities known as shining children look on.

Lea concocts a plan to alter the deal with Delvahine while still getting what the party wants. On their wat back to the Lust Wing, Amelia recalls that succubi can drain the life force of creatures during intimate acts. Zavian prepares to cast death ward on the paladin at the appropriate time.

Gathering outside the succubus’ pavilion, the adventurers manage to cajole Delvahine to appear at the doorway. Lea exploits a convenient moment of lacuna to rewrite the terms of their agreement. In exchange for a few moments of fun—of Lea’s choice—the demoness is to hand over the components for the Runeforge ritual, any more information about the ritual, and release Mr. Mutt to their custody.

A confused Delvahine takes the paladin to her boudoir, where the shining children wait like attentive servants. After snapping her figures to magically disrobe the paladin, she offers Lea a choice of shapes for their encounter: “Classic Delvahine,” her girlfriend Ameiko, the water nymph Meleena, her old flame Queenie, the sexy spy Mira, new harem addition Seleval, and… Lea. After a moment’s hesitation, the paladin decides to screw herself.

Outside, the party can’t help but hear the Leas go at it, despite Marcus’ desperate attempts not to listen.

Afterwards, the succubus gives Lea two of their toys as mementos. She also offers a profane gift of power that tempts Lea but the paladin turns her down. Delvahine says she is welcome to back in the Iron Cages should she change her mind, where she will always be young and beautiful.

After Lea makes her walk of shame outside, the party heads over to Mr. Mutt. Astrid and Lea realize his silver birdcage is just a thin layer of foil over a permanent force cage. Zavian dispels the cage. Mr. Mutt is still mad and level drained, but Zavian uses restoration to return a glimmer of sanity to him. He says he is Nelevetu Voan, once a commander in Sorshen’s armies until he was betrayed and sent here as punishment. He’s forgotten what the sky looks like. Amelia tells him its blue.

Upon leaving the cathedral, Nelevetu Voan turns to dust. Amelia and Lea collect the dust, vowing to have him resurrected later.

“We’ve done worse things,” Lea says.

“What, just now or as a group?” Amelia asks.

“Yes,” Lea says.

Having acquired the items and information they need, the party returns to the central chamber where they catch the unmistakable stink of dragon. Marcus casts see invisibility, but does not spy anything. Amelia deduces that the dragon came through the portal and then ventured into the Halls of Wrath.

Detecting no immediate danger, the adventurers approach the Runeforge pool to begin the process of imbuing their weapons with illusion and enchantment magic. Lea is the first, dipping the blade of Iomedae’s Wrath into its bubbling, glowing waters.

As runes etch themselves onto the blade, a golden beam of light erupts from the pool and strikes the huge statue of Runelord Karzoug which stands outside the Vault of Greed. The statue comes to life and speaks with Karzoug’s voice to sneeringly declare that the party’s quest ends here with their deaths.


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