Rise of the Runelords

Zavian Alone

The Skinsaw Murders Interlude

Toilday, 14 Neth – Fireday, 17 Neth, 4733

With his new ring of sustenance allowing him to sleep for only two hours in order to refresh himself, Zavian finds himself frequently alone in the early hours of the morning. He quickly notices that late at night, the Nualia vivicar will step out onto the balcony of his room at the King and Axe in order to gaze up at the stars. She points at a particular constellation, which he explains is associated with the goddess Desna.

Zavian also finds himself being drawn out to the balcony every morning as the rosy fingers of dawn begin to creep over the eastern horizon. He feels an impulse to walk the streets and pray. He tells the Nualia vivicar that he has always been drawn to the warmth and light of the sun and the new day each dawn heralds.

Zavian takes to talking to her when they are alone, sharing personal stories. He tells a story he’d heard of a solar who committed ritual suicide to spread its celestial essence among Magnimar, which he suspects is his origin.

Continuing to interact with the construct, Zavian recognizes flashes of Nualia’s personality in the vivicar, including her temper but also her curiosity. He is impressed with the work he and Nualia accomplished in crafting the creature.

Starday, 18 Neth, 4733

Having cast locate object on the mask worn by Xanesha, Zavian carefully tracks her as she flees invisible through the streets of the Underbridge district. The cleric tries to hang back far enough not to be noticed and wraps his Star Cloak around himself as a disguise. But he cannot be too distant, lest she slip out of the spell’s range.

He follows Xanesha through crowded streets and over fences, pressing past a rough and tumble street wizards’ duel celebrating Evoking Day. The monstress stops suddenly and the cleric creeps close, perhaps too close, thinking she had gone to ground. Instead, she was merely being beset by a vicious swarm of dire rats.

Once free of them, Xanesha continues on to the Jester and Cask, an impressive inn and tavern. Thanks to his spell, Zavian senses that she has made her way to the upper floor of the inn’s adjoining tower. But the cleric features that his pursuit was detected.

Well aware that he cannot confront her alone, Zavian begins retracing his steps back to the rest of the party. A young lad come running by, shouting that the Shadow Clock had collapsed. It appears that half the denizens of Underbridge had been wagering on when the decrepit tower would topple.

As coins change hands, Zavian strides towards the settling cloud of dust where his friends are waiting.


Beautiful Matt, absolutely beautiful. Thanks again!

Zavian Alone
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