Rise of the Runelords

Zavian Desante's Day Off

The Hook Mountain Massacre Interlude

Starday, 9 Kuthona, 4733

While the good people of Turtleback Ferry have reacted to the Runes Wardens’ arrival with strange looks at the curious newcomers, they save the most gawking for the two aasimar (and their vivicar companion).

As Zavian and Nualia go about their business accompanied by Vivi, they come across a group of children from the village school. They all stare until Nualia sends them running with a glower—all but a lone Varisian girl, Veska. She asks if Zavian and Nualia are Varisians, too.

The girl is disappointed when Zavian explains that they are merely the blood of Celestials. She explains that her family are the only Varisians in town and she often gets picked on for being different. Nualia tells her to beat up anyone who makes fun of her and win respect through violence. She ruffles the kid’s hair with her clawed hand.

Zavian also asks about the town’s Winter Week festivities and learns that there is a big feast scheduled for Wealday. The aasimar decides he wants to get the party started early. He takes Nualia (and Vivi) to the local tavern, Bottoms Up, promising to show her what he was like in his wild days. He also gives Veska a gold coin for her service and invites her parents to the party.

Zavian drops a sizable chunk of change at the tavern to pay for a big party celebrating the start of Winter Week and spreading the goodwill of Abadar. Nualia loosens up over the course of the evening, participating in a drinking contest (bolstered by lesser restoration), dancing with Zavian, and sharing stories of how Sandpoint celebrated Winter Week. Vivi, meanwhile, attempts to mimic the dancers.

Sunday, 10 Kuthona, 4733

Zavian and Nualia eventually retire to a room upstairs to continue their party in private. The following morning, they are greeted with cheers by the remaining revelers. After breakfast, they head out on a romantic walk. Well, as romantic as it can be in the pouring rain.

When they pause beneath a tree, Zavian takes the opportunity to confront Nualia over the fact that she seems to have lost her clerical powers. She admits that Lamashtu has forsaken her, the latest sign of her failure at life.

Zavian insists that as an Aasimar, she has an important destiny to fulfill and has merely lost her way. At his insistence, she joins him in a ritual to summon a planar entity to help her find the true path forward.

The ritual calls down a blue light from the heavens that manifests as a creature less than two feet tall, looking like a tiny, naked elf with butterfly wings and a lute made of living wood. She introduces herself as Idun, a lyrakien azata of Desna. She heard their call and is here to help both Nualia and Vivi find themselves. The journey will take them into the Sanos Forest.

Nualia grabs Zavian by the collar with her demon hand to give him a farewell kiss. She orders him to keep out of harm’s way, as she is not done with him yet. Vivi waves.

As the trio sets out, Idun hopes that Zavian’s guide also helps him discover his true self. Zavian realizes that he is being watched by the strange dog again.

The hound once again eludes him and Zavian decides his time would be better spent trying to sell the enormous scale that he and Marcus retrieved from the shipwreck at the bottom of Lake Syrantula.

As luck would have it, a Garundi man from Kaer Maga on his way to trade for gnomish items in the village of Pendaka catches eye of the scale. He seems kind of desperate to purchase the scale. Zavian realizes the guy knows exactly what the scale is from and is purchasing it out of fear to appease some threat.

The merchant loudly resists Zavian’s inquiries as he hastily swaddles the scale up in a cloak and throws it over his shoulder. He warns Zavian that there are “strange things in the forests.”

“You have no idea what’s out there,” the merchant says. “What they want and what they’re willing to do. Folks around here are scared of ogres, but there are far more terrible things out there, and believe you me: you don’t want to meet them—or owe them anything.”

“Apparently not,” Zavian says as the merchant hustles off.


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