Spiritual leader of the Thistletop Goblins


A goblin druid, he was formerly a senior adviser to Thistletop goblin warchief Ripnugget, until his position was supplanted by Nualia.

Gogmurt was captured by the party during a skirmish in the Nettlewood. He lamented the fact that Ripnugget had aligned himself with Nualia, which Gogmurt blamed on Ripnugget’s alleged infatuation with the aasimar. The druid offered to end the goblins’ threats to Sandpoint if the party removed Nualia and her mercenaries. Skeptical of Gogmurt’s ability to follow through, the party coerced him into trying to help them disable the bridge trap leading to the Thistletop fort.

Gogmurt was cut down by a volley of arrows from his own tribesmen.


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