Mistress of the Seven


A mysterious person with agents in Magnimar, who was apparently directing the ritual murders being carried out by Lord Aldern Foxglove.

Able to take the form of a beautiful Varisian woman, in truth she is a monster who is half-woman, half-snake. Se wears a seven-pointed Sihedron medallion around her neck.

Xanesha charmed and seduced Justice Ironbriar, using his Skinsaw Cult to carry out her ritual murders. She made her headquarters in the Shadow Clock in the Shadows district under the Irespan. It was there that she was confronted by Marcus and Zavian. After petrifying Marcus with her mask, she was knocked from the tower by Zavian’s magic and used featherfall to make her escape, seemingly unaware that the cleric was tracking her.

The Rune Wardens caught up with her at the Jester and Cask. They fought a terrible battle at the top of a stone tower, where Lea grievously injured the monstress and Amelia finished her off with a rapier thrust.


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