A small kingdom in the vicinity of the Churlwood, it is ruled by a court of elven nobles who split off from the elves of the Mierani Forest millennia ago. In recent decades, the kingdom has seen an influx of Chelish settlers seeking to escape the authority of Riddleport and Magnimar.

Unable to bar the humans from their land, the elves instead incorporated them into the kingdom and the two groups have cohabited in relative peace. The development of this multiracial kingdom has predictably resulted in the rapid growth of a half-elven population—much to the dismay of a faction of elven nobles calling themselves the Highborne.

The current ruler of Isandria is King Thalion, a proponent of multiracial solidarity in the kingdom. His wife, Queen Tavara, is known to sympathize with the Highborne, creating both personal and political tensions in the royal court. The situation has been exacerbated in recent months by the disappearance of Thalion’s son and heir, Prince Eldrin.

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