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Featured Location: Xin-Shalast

The legendary golden city of Runelord Karzoug, said to lie somewhere in the Kodar Mountains of northern Varisia. It’s a long way from Sandpoint

Varisia Locations

Dotted with the monolithic relics of an empire long since crumbled, Varisia is a rough but majestic land, its misty forests and rolling plains bordered by sharp peaks and bountiful seas.

Golarion Locations

The world of Golarion contains eight continents amid immense seas, including the continent of Avistan that hosts Varisia.


The many groups, guilds, and cabals active in Varisia.


Overview of the many faiths of Golarion.

Legends and Lore

An incomplete and often biased account of tales, histories and rumors about the world.


A timeline of the party’s activities in Varisia.


An overview of the civilized races of Varisia.

House Rules

A quick overview of our house rules for the campaign.

Wiki User Guide

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